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Banner photo, by Kimmo Järvinen
Peace of Mind in a Dangerous World


We have extensive experience in cryptography, secure systems, and reprogrammable logic. With our strong academic background we know the theory behind cryptography and cryptanalysis, and have the required skillset to design the security solution for your needs.


A fully connected world (Internet of Things) requires comprehensive end-to-end security. The design of secure systems must be based on sound understanding of cryptography and its expert implementation. This is much harder than most people think, and we believe that designing security directly in hardware is the best safeguard against being compromised.


Xiphera designs security solutions in hardware based on standard cryptographic algorithms. Our product portfolio includes Intellectual Property (IP) cores combining efficiency, first grade security, and high level of protection against common side-channel attacks. Our primary technology focus is Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), and in addition to IP cores, we provide consulting and design services.